Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Two videos clips to share from last night's class

A big thanks to those who were able to join my live online class last night – it was a great success! Although it was the last class of the trimester for my students, there was tremendous energy and insight in the classroom.  We reached an online audience in the triple digits, and I hope the conversation in the classroom translated well over the Web.  

Our guest speaker, Eric Jackson, could not have been more engaging or a better expert on the topics we discussed.  We’re working on more video highlights of the class, but today, I’ve got two terrific clips to share.

Why do organizational systems break down?  Why BP, UBS, et al.? Why were so many clues never put together before 9/11?  Why do companies sometimes lose track of the lost signals they need to adapt and compete?  The first clip (click here to watch) tackles these issues, with special reference to my book Why Smart Executives Fail.  If you watch, pay special attention to the great insights from my students as we consider the challenge of accountability in organizations.

The second clip (click here to watch) highlights an interesting discussion that ensued in my class after we received some comments from online participants.  It’s a deep dive between Eric, the students in my Top Management Teams class and me on Research in Motion.

We’re working on posting more videos over the next week, so be sure to check back often. 

Additionally, since last night’s class is a new format at Tuck, we welcome any and all feedback.  Your thoughts will help us as we work to create an online live streaming experience of real value to people around the world.  You can share your thoughts with me here, or on twitter: @sydfinkelstein. 

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