Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Man Bites Dog: RIMM Shareholders Actually Do Something!

I read on Bloomberg News yesterday about how Research in Motion shareholder Jaguar Financial Corp. is gaining support from other investors to push Research in Motion to sell, divide or find a merger partner.

Although it’s not news that Research in Motion has been tanking, it’s empowering to finally see shareholders standing up for their stake in the company, by joining forces and pushing for change. 

Just last week, in my Top Management Teams class at Tuck, Eric Jackson, a shareholder activist and founder of Ironfire Capital, LLC, shared his views about why ineffective boards stay in power for longer than they should.  What (may be) happening at RIMM is a rare example of at least one active shareholder pushing for more accountability on the board and management team to face reality and start to address the new world of 2011, not the old one of 2006.  Now, let’s see if Jaguar can get some traction.  Good luck!

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