Friday, November 4, 2011

New Leadership Insights Video: Ernie Parizeau’s Leadership Lessons in Venture Capital

In the first video from my my two part interview with Ernie Parizeau, a 1984 graduate of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, we covered a lot of ground.   Ernie and I focused our conversation on entrepreneurship and venture capital.  Mainly, we touch on the factors that go into a decision to back a business up, what makes someone successful and how leaders in the industry address challenging obstacles.  Additionally, he provides some advice for new Tuck graduates looking to restart their careers.

I'll post the second half of the interview early next week.  Don't forget to access my other Leadership Insights interviews with Rick Routhier and Mickey Drexler.

Twitter: @sydfinkelstein


  1. I really enjoyed watching this interview. One thing that struck me was Parizeau's mention of his first boss stressing that success often comes from failure. Especially as a venture capitalist and investor, it must be hard to always keep this idea in mind. My question for leaders in this area is: besides looking at the pros and cons associated with a particular product risk, how much of the decision to invest relies on instinct that it will be successful?

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